Peer Review Policy

General :

1. Mark the faulty part or parts that need to be changed
2. Mark on the right side of the wrong line or lines that need to be changed

Details :

1. Title: Effectiveness, Specifics, and Clarity
2. Abstract: Complete and describe the essence of the article
3. Keywords: Describe the important concepts of the article
4. Introduction: Up-to-date, originality, topic relevance, compatibility of the important reasons of the research object
5. Research Methods: Should emphasize procedures and data analysis for empirical studies
6. Results and Discussion: Presentation of results, analysis of accuracy, latest findings, and scientific contributions of findings/ideas for the development of science
7. Conclusion: Logical, valid, concise, clear and recommendations
8. Image / Table: Center located, Uncropped, Good quality to look at, Image / table title, Capitalized referenced
9. Bibliography: References used are at least 20 references, 80% are sourced from journal articles published in the last 5 years.

Complete Manuscript Review Process:

1. Writing: Is the script easy to follow, that is, has a clear logical progression and organization?
2. Is the text concise and easy to understand? Every part that has to be reduced, removed / expanded / added?
3. Notice if there are major problems with mechanics: grammar, punctuation, spelling. (If there are only a few places that are not well pronounced or correct, make a note to let the author know of specific places. If there is a consistent problem throughout, only pick one or two examples if necessary - don't try and edit them all).
4. Abbreviations: Used judiciously and structured in such a way that the reader will have no trouble remembering what the abbreviations represent.
5. Follows other journal styles, formats and rules.
6. Citations are provided when providing evidence-based information from outside sources.

Category Decision :

- Publish: No Revisions Required
- Minor: Revisions may be made by the Editor-In-Chief or their assistants
- Major: Revisions can only be made by the author
- Rejected: Unscientific or too much